Gweru, Zimbabwe

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Elephant rides and interaction with Africa’s largest land mammal are an exciting park of a visit to Antelope Park.  The Park’s African Elephants were rescued from almost certain death during a severe drought in the early 1990s. Happily, they now get to spend most of their day grazing in the park, but even the elephants have to put in a few hours of work every day. And for our four, the day starts with a 30-minute training session with their handlers, which is essential for control and respect. As a guest, you can join in, and learn about elephant behaviour and witness first hand just how intelligent these animals are.

You can also experience an elephant ride on the back of one of these magnificent animals. Climb on board nature’s four-wheel drive and experience an elephant’s view of the world as Amai, Ntombi, Jecha or Chibi take your visit to a new height!

Both 30min and 60min rides are on available.

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Activity type : Specific Date
Activity Time : 10am-1pm; 2.30pm-4.30pm
Duration : 30-60 minutes
Maximum number of people : 1
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