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Pungwe River Rafting Family Day

Family Day: 12 km of grade 1/2/3 river suitable for ages 7 years and over. Children under 12 are half price

Pungwe river rafting family day is a fun filled rafting adventure is suitable for ages 7 years and up.  It is the ideal introduction to white water rafting and provides families with a unique family adventure. The trip is participatory in nature, requiring guests to self paddle their raft down river under instruction from a professional river guide.

Meet the trip leader at the designated meeting place at the set time.  The day starts with a safety briefing and practice session at our Put-in-Pool.  Here you will have a chance to learn how to hold your paddle correctly, how the raft steers and the correct paddle strokes.  You will also be taught correct techniques and safety procedures.

After that we navigate a few ripple rapids before taking on the challenge of the biggest rapid of the day the “Washing Machine”.  Survivors carry on down the river negotiating numerous grade one and two rapids before pulling out at the Punge River bridge.  The total distance rafted is about 12 km.

The riverine vegetation is fantastic and although only a remnant of the great forests that used to exist along the river it is still spectacular in places.  Bird life along the river is great and our knowledgeable guides will point out several of the common species and one or two rarities if you are lucky.

The trip is not particularly demanding physically as the river current normally sweeps you along quite nicely but it is 12 km of river and there is quite a bit of paddling required on the calmer sections.  Participants should be in reasonable physical shape and ready for an adventure.

FAR and WIDE offers four white water rafting trips on the Pungwe River in the Honde Valley in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands.  Each trip is very different in character to the next but all are exceptional experiences.  They are all participatory in nature requiring guests to self paddle their raft down river under instruction from a professional river guide.   From a fun filled family day out to an adrenalin pumping non stop action decent and everything in between the Pungwe River has it all.

Accommodation options include:  Aberfoyle Lodge, Hornbill House, Pamushana Cottage, Mutarazi Cottages, Pungwe Drift Cottages, Mutarazi Falls camp site and FAR and WIDE cabins.  It is also a great days outing if staying anywhere in Nyanga or Vumba.

The trips are run on a daily basis and the season begins with the onset of the summer rains normally late November and goes through to April but sometimes as late as August.

The boats we use are inflatable five man rafts which have been specially designed for the technical low volume waters of the Pungwe River.

The alpine type flow regime of the river systems on which we raft means that we rely on the almost nightly orographic rains that fall in the vast catchment areas of the upper slopes of Mt Nyangani to “top up” the river each day.  The rivers hold their volume very well from January through to April but the volumes can be erratic at either end of the seasonal timeline.  It is also possible that large volumes of rain received in the catchment over several days, or even overnight, make certain sections of the river unsafe to raft on for several days.  It is a dynamic river system and our priority is always your safety. For this reason it may be that a decision is made to change the section we raft, on any particular day.   However if, for example, Bernie’s Run is closed due to high water levels, then the Family Day or Bridge2Bridge sections become awesome!

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